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Vinyl - 7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit

Vinyl - 7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit

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Discover the ethereal nature of "7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit" EP in its most tangible form with this limited edition 12’’ transparent lathe-cut vinyl. Only 25 copies produced.

The analog warmth and richness of the vinyl format truly complement the EP's blend of ambient and electronic elements, bringing a new dimension to the listening experience.

Buying the vinyl you will also get a link to download the digital edition of the EP.

The vinyl also features visually striking artwork by Paolo Veneziani, which embodies the EP's themes of light and darkness, further enhancing the collector's value of this unique piece.

Owning this vinyl is not just about adding a record to your collection; it's an opportunity to engage with the music on a deeper level.
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