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Holographic Ghost Stories CD digipack limited edition + poster

Holographic Ghost Stories CD digipack limited edition + poster

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As we celebrate this flagship album's second anniversary, here’s a release of "Holographic Ghost Stories" in a new format, a limited edition CD Digipack with beautiful artwork by Luca Tranfaglia.

⭐ Special CD limited edition to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Demiurgo's flaghip album.

⭐ Comes in a shrink wrapped 4 panel digipack (digifile) with a double-sided poster with cover artwork & illustrated tracklist + two free stickers (while stocks last)

⭐ Includes all the 12 original album tracks in a continous mix plus two bonus tracks:
- Here Ends the Year of Empty Cities (DJ Kenneth A Remix)
- Overremixed Identities (Frankie&RikiAbi Remix)

Prepare to be brought back on an immersive odyssey through a dark cyberpunk universe, where the boundaries between humanity and artificiality blur and transform endlessly. Within these twelve original tracks, I skillfully blend the ethereal allure of IDM, glitch, dubstep, and industrial drum patterns, weaving retrowave synth melodies into a captivating fusion of sound.

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