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Holographic Ghost Stories Cassette, limited edition, aqua

Holographic Ghost Stories Cassette, limited edition, aqua

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Special limited edition cassette of the full album Holographic Ghost Stories by Demiurgo. Includes the digital release.

⭐ Homemade, only 30 hand numbered copies in total (a few in stock)
⭐ Transparent aqua body made of recycled plastic + aqua case.
⭐ Full colour double side inlay card.
⭐ Dymo labelled on both sides (3 colours for you to choose).
⭐ Comes in a cellowrap with two stickers:
- Full color vynil artwork
- Holographic Demiurgo logo
⭐ Continuous mix and special "warm" master with audible saturation.
⭐ Special Ampex tape layback version of "A Replicant's Dream" for even stronger "tape" feeling.
⭐ Exclusive unlisted track "The Turn of the Knob", short 5 notes improvisation on a monophonic analog synth.
⭐ In addition you will get also the digital edition (mp3) and a special link to download the full mp3 dump of the cassette (so you can enjoy some tape juice even without a deck)

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