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Dystopia Extended Korg Minilogue XD Sound Library

Dystopia Extended Korg Minilogue XD Sound Library

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Synth Squad presents "Dystopia Extended": a sound library made of 40 patches for your Korg Minilogue XD. The patches are handcrafted to achieve an hyper-detailed sound, to elevate the synth to its maximum expressivity always with full playability.

These sounds are perfect for ambient, futuristic, lo-fi, synthwave, retrowave, Sci-Fi, electronica, atmospheric, dark, cyberpunk and any cinematic genres, and many other styles too.


"Dystopia Extended" is the composed by 40 sounds: 20 are derived from our "Dystopia" sound library, originally made for the Korg Prologue and optimized for the XD, and 20 are new sounds designed on the Minilogue XD.


These brand-new sounds bring to life the truly hybrid nature of the Korg Minilogue XD, unlocking his full potential both in the analogue and in the digital/fx sections.


There are not any dependencies on user oscillators or effects, everything is programmed with the factory features. In this video you listen to the sounds that you will get, without any external effect or processing. The sounds are played on the keyboard and using the mod joystick, without any knob tweaking.


Take advantage of the launch promotion, only €15.00 instead of €30.00, available only for a limited time.


You will get a file containing:

- 40 files in Korg librarian format, one for each program, that you can load individually into the slots of your Korg Minilogue XD;

- an instruction file in English on how to load presets using the librarian;

- a patchlist file in Excel format and also in a PDF print-friendly format.


Patch list:

  1. Dystopia1
  2. Ruinscape
  3. Survival
  4. The Last Enigma
  5. EyeOpener
  6. Silent Collapse
  7. Surveiled
  8. Void's Edge
  9. Constrain
  10. Fragments Of Fate
  11. Delusion
  12. Obsidian
  13. Corporate
  14. Fractured Hope
  15. Rebellion
  16. Vortex
  17. NewBelief
  18. Paradox Lost
  19. Solitary
  20. Reveries
  21. Illusion
  22. Bleeding Skies
  23. PastLives
  24. Aeon's Fall
  25. Mindless
  26. Shattered Reality
  27. EyeCloser
  28. Ashen Sky
  29. Uniform
  30. Retentless Aether
  31. Brainwash
  32. Crimson Dawn
  33. Diverging
  34. Rust And Regret
  35. Wasteland
  36. Neon Shadows
  37. Dystopia2
  38. Divided Unity
  39. ECOllapse
  40. Fallen Horizons

An amount of 40 brand-new sounds: 12 keys, 11 polysynths, 4 synth basses, 6 pads, 3 arps, 4 leads. 

Patches programmed by: Andrea Di Lorenzo and Paolo Di Pierdomenico (AKA Demiurgo)  

Please feel free to contact us for any issues. Every comment is welcome.

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