IMP #1 – Tinker

IMP #1 – Tinker – Bastl Kastle Drum #livejam by DemiurgoDemiurgo - IMP #1 – Tinker

My music is my narrative canvas, and each composition an unfolding story, do here is the inaugural chapter of a new editorial series, “IMP #1 – Tinker”.

In this video, we take you on a journey through the enchanting landscapes of Umbria. Here, amid ancient forests, rugged mountains, and medieval hamlets, the connection between the mischievous IMPs and their surroundings comes to life.

Watch as the Bastl Kastle Drum machine improvises a mesmerizing soundtrack, resonating with the untamed spirit of Umbria’s natural wonders and historical gems. These are the very places where creativity sparks in the heart of the wilderness and within the ancient stones.
The improvisation recorded on the spot was then paired with a chord track performed in the studio and later completed with a light mixing and mastering process.

“IMP”, the title of the serie carries a delightful duality. It echoes the spirit of mischievous little devils, rebellious and free from constraints, mirroring the essence of improvisation within the music. It’s also a nod to the intricate electronic gears – the synths and drum machines – that serve as my magical devices, weaving sonic spells.

Join me on this journey as we embark on the “Imp” series, a collection where every track is a new chapter in our sonic narrative, revealing the unpredictable, rebellious, and enchanting facets of music’s storytelling power.